Since 1976, Italsensor produce any type of encoder.

With the experience gained from the Tekel Instruments and collaboration with the Department of Robotics of the Polytechnic of Turin, is quickly becoming one of the leading companies and point of reference in the field of industrial automation.

Through a well-established and extensive experience in electronic Italsensor is specialized in the production of:
- Encoder customized according to customer requirements
- Entries and electronic systems of information and requests provided by the customer.

Every day Italsensor working in the field of industrial automation and measuring instruments with great professionalism. All its products customized in fact, we can manufacture encoder in 48 hours!

The transducers Italsensor are used in many fields and for their wide range of models, quality and robustness are used throughout the world.

Our encoders are used in industrial process controls, machine tools and industrial robots.
They are also used for the antennas and telescopes and in all working machines for example of glass, marble, concrete, wood.

Are also found in ecological systems and in tanneries, textile machinery and printing and also in
crane, the cranes and presses.

Wherever and in whatever field you work, we are present.