Low cost encoder TSW80P has been developed to work in electromagnetic harsh environment, due to the insulated housing is the best choice to avoid any electrical noise induced from motor and inverter equipment, the body and the plastic housing ensures a high immunity to interference on the output signals.

TSW80P_NEWS_1000_OK copia

Shaft closing is made through a clamp collar and the interchangeable bushing fit all mechanical mounting requirements application span from simple motor automation to more complex lift technology machine.

• Express production in 24 hours
• Completely protected by short-circuit
• No risk of electro erosion of bearings thanks to the housing completely isolated.
• Particularly suitable applications for electric motors and lifts

Body diameter (mm) 80 (maximum length 28)
Mechanical assembly through antirotation pin (supplied with encoder)
Diameter hollow through shaft (mm) 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 (fixing with collar)
Resolution (PPR) 1024, 2048 (other resolution on demand)
Interface LD, LD2, PP2