Italsensor_applications_food_packagingPACKAGING INDUSTRY

With the increase of economic development and commercial transactions the packaging industry has undergone a significant boost in recent years. The demand for devices that can meet the most varied demands brought Italsensor to develop customized solutions for various clients alongside traditional solutions. The quality of products and the guarantee of a manufacturing controlled at 100% from the start of production (raw materials) until shipment to the customer (finished product) ensures the highest reliability, an important factor for systems that must run on a continuous seven days a week twenty four hours a day every day of the year. Currently Italsensor transducers have lifetimes of over 10 years, contributing to reduce the time associated with downtime.

The conditions of using the incremental and absolute encoders in the food industry, with particular reference to hygienic conditions, require the use of materials and degrees of protection suitable and in compliance with current regulations, Italsensor is able to produce transducers in accordance with these specifications, and in particular can customize in a relatively short time very specific solutions for the final customer.