The tools machines require the adoption of solutions that work with high speeds (RPM),ITALSENSOR incremental encoders can be equipped in such a way as to support any regime of rotation either continuous or intermittent or impulsive. In the range of products currently supplied exist contactless solutions with magnetic technology that being without ball bearings maximize the efficiency of the product reducing the risk factors that lead to downtime for maintenance compared to traditional encoders. Special structures presents coupling structures built right into the body of the encoder simplifying installation on the plant.
Incremental and absolute encoders find application on automatic or semiautomatic tools machines providing indications about the rotation speed of the spindles or axes feed processing and the absolute value of the position allowing the repeatability over time and the respect of the units of processing.


Patented clamping systems ensure a stable coupling between the motor shaft and the shaft encoder reducing the run out of the device and then the possible measurement errors associated with vibrations present on the transducer resulting from a not perfect mechanical coupling. A particular series of incremental encoders TS58HS has been developed specifically for applications of electric motors and has a hollow shaft coupling with two contact zones unlike the traditional locking system which ensures the coupling spindle only in the area of the clamping collar. The high operating temperature range, the rear lock and patented mechanical clamping system combined with the versatility of the use of reducing bushes to make it compatible with various shaft diameters currently available, makes it suitable to be mounted directly in the engine compartment facilitating the operations for those who will do the installation of the same.

Another solution proposed by ITALSENSOR, oriented mainly for the market of electric motors and in particular for the realization of low cost final solutions is represented by the series of encoders TSW80P, with its structure entirely made of insulating material interrupts the circulation of eddy current components that can be established between the motor shaft, and the mechanical group consisting of shaft and bearings of the encoder itself through the earth circuit In fact, this is one of the main causes that lead to bearing failure and subsequent damage to the transducer EDM. The insulated body and the dual-bearing mechanical structure printed in the body ensures the accuracy in reading as in the conventional encoder at the same time obviating the problems described above and thus contributing to increase the efficiency and overall reliability of the system.