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5 Oct 2016


TSM58P-ETHCAT Optical multiturn absolute encoder, solid shaft, with EtherCAT output interface. Absolute multiturn programmable encoder for industrial fieldbus application. Body diametеr (mm) 58 Shaft diametеr (mm) 6,10 Singleturn 1…65535 ppr (up to 16 bit) Number of turn max. 4096 ppr (12 bit) Total resolution 1…268435456 (28 bit) programmable Code binary Protection degree up to IP67 Output interface EtherCAT MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions see drawings Shaft stainless steel Shaft loading axial 40 N; radial 80 N Moment of inertia typically 3,0*10-6  kgm2...

15 Jan 2013

Italsensor Encoders. Compatibility, production and delivery in 48 hours. All made ​​in Italy

Since 1976, Italsensor produce any type of encoder. With the experience gained from the Tekel Instruments and collaboration with the Department of Robotics of the Polytechnic of Turin, is quickly becoming one of the leading companies and point of reference in the field of industrial automation. Through a well-established and extensive experience in electronic Italsensor is specialized in the production of: - Encoder customized according to customer requirements - Entries and electronic systems of information and requests provided by the...