Wood is an important renewable natural resource to which markets in recent years have and continue to watch with great interest. The increasing demand from the market has led to the development of increasingly complex machines and plants that can perform multiple machining operations on raw wood (cutting, milling, planning, engraving) The development of special machines requires the adoption of transducers that are able to work in hostile environments from the mechanical point of view for the presence of vibrations and the presence of dust and liquids that may invest the transducer.

ITALSENSOR is able to provide solutions using materials and degrees of protection suitable for use in this industry ensuring high standards of quality and reliability to the final customer with the security of a constant operation, without interruption in the production and maintenance of the quality of the product.
The models of encoders used may be of the incremental type for controlling the drive speed of the laminae or the absolute type for the realization of cuts and machining on the rough wooden planks. Contact us for more information and support in defining customized solutions for your needs.
In order to facilitate the installation and instrumentation in the measurement axes Italsensor encoders can be equipped with wheels metrics sizes and different materials according to the type of material on which the measurement must be carried. The use of the metric wheel allows to detect in a continuous and precise position or the scrolling speed of the raw material directly in the point of interest.