For industrial automation ITALSENSOR offers a wide range of transducers able to satisfy all the requirements, miniaturized incremental and absolute encoders from Ø 25 mm up to devices that integrate their internal systems Incremental and absolute (Bicoder) or encoder / dynamo groups with different ranges of output voltage up to aid systems security such as centrifugal relay. For every need you can find the most suitable solution ensuring maximum flexibility of use to the final customer.


The modern lift systems require the use of devices capable of being mounted easily on winches engine reducing the mechanical coupling, from this perspective ITALSENSOR develops a wide range of hollow shaft transducers with standard diameters up to 44 mm. The adaptation to diameters of the lower type is possible for most of the models developed through the adoption of bushes adaptation that can be inserted and removed quickly from the encoder by the end user. ITALSENSOR is able to develop customized solutions for larger diameters or to interconnect different systems or even for individual solutions as regards electrical / electronic system